About Butterfly Jewellery

Founded in 2002, Butterfly Silver established itself as a destination for quality sterling silver jewellery.

Now managed by the Hoskings Group, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the new Butterfly Jewellery brand.

Rebranding to Butterfly Jewellery allows us to grow the already diverse range to include exciting new jewellery brands, watches
and accessories whilst complimenting the signature style, quality and value our customers have grown to love.

We believe accessories are a statement of style that brings a sense of individuality and confidence.

We’re very proud of our new brand and hope you share our enthusiasm and passion for our jewellery.

Butterfly Jewellery remains an Australian owned company and is now part of the Hoskings Group
that has been trading since 1945. We will continue to offer quality jewellery to our valued
customers through our online store.